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New Zealand
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Breakaway NZ comments on the following :

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"Burner" phones and simm cards available at stores.
G3 & G4 is fairly well distributed throughout the country.

Baby Car Seats

Car rental suppliers can offer car baby and child seats for the safety of your children.

Guides & Drivers

Sightseeing Guides

Fishing & hunting guides
Relocations, off-season specials... etc

are available form the individual suppliers.
First Night in New Zealand

After an international flight, we suggest that you spend the first night in comfortable accommodation in order to begin your journey fresh.


Soft luggage is easier to manage in a motorhome or campervan. Hard baggage can be forwarded to your departure point by us at a small cost.

You will fit into most vehicles if your luggage consists of 1 hardcase and two soft bags per couple.

(Most cars in New Zealand are Japanese built, and are not as big as one maybe accustomed)

Interisland Ferry and Blue bridge between Wellington and Picton.


Camping Grounds

New Zealand camping grounds generally have excellent facilities, including laundry, cooking, bathroom facilities and a common room with TV etc

Time Allowance

Please allow yourself sufficient time in New Zealand to see the country.

It may look a small country on the map, but by the nature of the roads it takes longer than expected to travel the distances, and there are so many pleasant distractions along the way.

Driving between Auckland and Wellington can take 10 to 11 hours.

Roads can be winding and narrow in places.

If time is short, you are best to see one area well rather than to make a speedy tiring journey in a few days to see little.


Summer is November - March

Autumn is April - May

Winter is June - August

Spring is September - October

New Zealand is 1850 kms from North to South, with the north being generally warmer than the south.

Average temperatures

Far north 25c (77f) summer and 15c (60f) winter

Deep south 18c (65f) summer and 9c (49f) winter

Central South Island can be very frosty in midwinter.
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